The Weekend Chatroom — Episode 4!

Booma & Me

When talking about people whom I admire, how can I miss out on my mother? We often tend to admire celebrities and choose them as our role model that we forget the contribution of people at home. There are loads to learn from a mother and emulating 50% of what she does is going to be a great deal. Few things that most motivational speakers / successful entrepreneurs that you listen to or the motivational books that you get to read say in common are the facts that you have to inculcate a lot of discipline. Be punctual, plan your day, manage your finances well, do things out of passion etc. All these things come naturally to her.

On a daily basis, she dons different hats. When I sat down to ask her how she does everything so effortlessly, she shies away saying, “Ada poda. Naa ennoda kadamaya thaane senjen” (I did what I was supposed to).

My mother is a homemaker. What can the life of a homemaker possibly teach you? If that is the question you have in your mind, let me list out a few of the things that she does on a daily basis and what I have learnt from them.

1. Early to bed early to rise:

To ensure that you have a sound mind and energy to carry out all your day to day activities, it is mandatory that you have a sound sleep. It is also essential that you wake up early so that you can make the best use of the day. Not once has she failed to wake up early. The snooze button comes in as a saving grace to us whenever we set up an alarm so that we can get the extra time on the bed. Her sleep-wake cycle is so very accurate that sometimes even the alarms could fail but never does she.

Lesson Learnt: Get your ass out of the bed as early as possible and make the most of the day!

2. Procrastination is a sin:

If there is something that needs to be done within the stipulated time, it has to be. She doesn’t procrastinate things come what may. Giving excuses to postpone things is not something that she does. She has been doing this consistently for not just one or two months, it is 35 years since she has started valuing time. I tend to postpone the smallest task that she assigns to me and would end up screwing it completely which would have never happened had it been done on time.

Lesson Learnt: Do things when it has to be done. Don’t take time for granted. Procrastination might not have an adverse effect right away but over a period of time, if this is not dealt with properly will have a great deal of an impact on the growth.

3. Manage your finances well:

In the current generation, we tend to spend more than we earn. With multiple luring options around us like EMI’s, offers, discounts on products etc we tend to fall prey to all these marketing gimmicks and end up going bankrupt. We become too reliant on our monthly salaries. On the other hand, my mother (In Fact every mother does this), fixes the budget of the family and ensures the expenditure doesn’t cross the fixed budget. She also proactively invests money through various means and ensures there is a perennial flow of income. She does a lot of cost-cutting when it comes to procurement thereby ensuring money is spent on the right things.

Lesson Learnt: Managing finances is an art and not everybody handles that well. We have seen a lot of startups crumble down just because they failed at it. Learning this art from a person who handles a family well can come in handy at some stage of our life. Perhaps it could help us in our professional career as well.

4. Be Proactive:

We make use of many apps to notify us about certain things but sans any of those my mom often reminds me about the bills that I have to pay, the kitchen stocks that I have to replenish, things that have to be in stock in case of crisis/emergencies etc. She takes proactive decisions to ensure the smooth running of the family.

Lesson Learnt: The moment you start taking ownership of something, you tend to become responsible and thereby start making proactive decisions. Learning how to be proactive from my mom has come in handy with my work as well. It has helped me make decisions and reach out to the customer before them coming to me with a problem.

5. Change is inevitable, embrace it:

As people grow older they tend to stick to what they had been doing all this while rather than adapting to the changes. My mother, on the other hand, is all ears to change. She is open to changes provided it adds value to her. She doesn’t crib when something new is being introduced into her routine rather she embraces it.

Lesson Learnt: In order to survive and grow with the trend, it is mandatory to embrace changes. The more updated you are more opportunities tend to come your way.

These are a few things that I have learnt from my mother and there is a lot that she keeps teaching me. Inspiring people are always round the corner and it’s completely dependent on what we take from them. They don’t teach you the lesson directly but when you observe them patiently over a period of time, there are lots you can learn.




Handsome :P | Young | Introvert | Music Enthusiast | Budding Writer | Budding Photographer | Cricket Fanatic | Fashion Admirer | Thamizhan | தாய் பாசம் கொண்டவன்

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karthik seshadri

karthik seshadri

Handsome :P | Young | Introvert | Music Enthusiast | Budding Writer | Budding Photographer | Cricket Fanatic | Fashion Admirer | Thamizhan | தாய் பாசம் கொண்டவன்

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